Powerfull solar LLC vision is to create wealth to homeowners and consultants by switching to a more sustainable energy source, decrease the dependance to coal, oil, natural gas and other resources. These nonrenewable resources will eventually run out. In fact, if we continue using these resources as our primary source of energy, they will run out in the next 50 or so years. Other unfavorable consequence of using nonrenewable sources of energy is that they affect climate change. The sun’s energy for the other hand will not run out for the next 5 billion years.

We are a company partnered with POWUR PBC; founded in 2014 by CEO Johnathan budd, In 2015 launched first partnership with solar city/ tesla, January 2017 POWUR becomes nationwide platform for independent lead generators partners with over 100 solar installers, In May 2017 becomes fastest company in history to raise 1.4M thorough equity crowdfunding, in 2018 POWUR launches solar sales across nationwide network, in 2019 POWUR launches industry first cost of goods compensation plan.

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